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We currently have 2 spaces open starting January 2018 and will begin accepting 2019 applications on February 1st. Our reduced tuition space is offered through a lottery and we will determine that spot on Feb 15th, so get your applications in soon to be considered.

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Mixed Age (3-5) Classes

Tuesday/Thursday                        9-12:30

Yearly Tuition

$3000 (Divided into 10  monthly payments)

Our classes are mixed age to provide opportunities for children to develop and feel a sense of community within our school. We believe that every child has something to contribute and strengths and weaknesses work together to create friendships and a unique flow to our class.

Because this is an outdoor program, parents and children must be prepared to be outdoors for the entire duration of the class regardless of the elements. Proper clothing and footwear will assist the children in being able to be present and engaged, but an enjoyment of being outdoors during rain or shine is also helpful. We have multiple areas available to shield the children from heavy wind and rain (for meal preparation, sharing lunch, and impromptu lessons), but the vast majority of the time we will be busy exploring and interacting throughout the entire landscape.

We have 1 reduced-tuition scholarship spot available for families who value the principles and experience of outdoor school, but who find that cost is prohibitive. Please use the Contact form to inquire further about applying. 

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