Nature's Classroom

Circle Space

Our special meeting area where the children can engage in circle time, fun games, morning sit downs and a good place to discuss their day with their friends.

The Quarry

We love to play and to play hard and that is exactly what our special rock area allows the children to do. We have a lovely area that allows open ended play and learning with a multitude of options for the children to discover. Loaded with trucks, shovels, pails and other open-ended instruments our rock area is a great place to explore numbers and science experiments! 

The Coop

Our chicken friends love to free range all throughout our day. They especially enjoy when the children pick up a shovel and turn over soil for the ladies to find fresh worms. They have a lovely coop in our back play area that allows them shelter from inclement weather and a nice, cozy place to lay their eggs. The children will be able to participate in caring and nurturing the girls through watering and feeding them in the morning as well as the exciting event of retrieving their eggs.

Bunny Friends

Our sweet rabbits love visits from their little friends. With their long, floppy ear and their mellow personalities these sweet bunnies are a favorite to visit on the farm.

Mud Kitchen

 This is a wonderful space that allows the children lots of options for endless learning and play with a variety of materials to explore and create. A kitchen scale lets them learn about quantity and weight. The pots, pans and kitchen materials give them an opportunity to collaborate with their peers to make a plan and navigate new ideas. This is a favorite among the preschool crowd.

Spring 2017 seed starts!

The Garden

One of teacher Ronita's passions is gardening and horticulture and by having a space to create a garden we plan to share that passion with our students. Each spring we invite the children to participate in growing starts in our covered green house that we hope to send home with our families so they too can participate in creating their own vegetable and herb gardens.

The Hoop House

A wonderful place for our friends to come and make observations, use a magnifying glass to study a leaf, a worm or a unique rock. Another option to shelter us from unexpected rain or unusually harsh weather elements. 

Eating Space

We love our space to have community meals. Our custom made table invites everyone to join in and actively share a meal together. With space for food prep and all our friends this is one of our favorite spaces!