Each of our summer camp sessions run 3 days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-12:30.

We will spend lots of time playing and making friends as well as spend a portion of our morning exploring projects and activities related to that week's theme.

Camps are $110 per session and enrollment for NEW families starts on April 1st.

Contact us to get a summer camp application: Kindergardenplayschool@gmail.com

Bats are a mysterious part of our ecosystem that we will learn about during Bat camp. We will explore their habitats, eat their foods and learn how they help our world.

Trees. Living in Oregon we are blessed to have access to forest in almost every direction. We will learn together how trees help our world in so many ways, building a deeper respect for our environment.

Space. We will explore the galaxy, learning the planets and why Earth is so unique.

July 11-13

9-12:30, Lunch and Snack provided

July 25-27

9-12:30, Lunch and Snack provided

August 15-17

9-12:30, Lunch and Snack provided